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While the Supreme Court recently affirmed and strengthened the Second Amendment (New York State Rifle and Pistol Association, Inc. v. Bruen), unfortunately your Second Amendment rights are still under continuous threat. Please take a moment to check out the following organizations for current legal and legislative information. Consider joining the National Rifle Association or one of the other organizations listed below.

National Rifle Association:

NRA Institute for Legislative Action

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Each member is presented with the MSCI Constitution & By-Laws during their new member meeting. These are not distributed electronically and replacements can be obtained at the clubhouse from a Director.

Generally more useful to members is the MSCI Rulebook. Unlike the By-Laws and Constitution, the Rulebook changes more frequently–as the club adds amenities, changes policies and evolves otherwise. And while hard copies of the Rulebook can also be obtained in the clubhouse, members are encouraged to source the most current version on this page.

Dog Training Rules

All MSCI, State and Federal criminal and game laws/rules must be obeyed.

Use of the fields must be approved by the Conservation Director or PGC permit holder.

All dog training and field use is regulated by The Pennsylvania Game Commission. Our permit only allows members to train the dog to point, flush, hold, and find game birds. Shooting or killing of game bird(s) is prohibited during training. In addition, you are also prohibited from shooting non-game birds. You may use a blank/starter pistol. You are to give full cooperation to The PGC WCO’s if stopped and questioned. They have enforcement powers to protect our fields and game birds. All MSCI members are encouraged to police our grounds and report any infractions. If you come across an issue with the quail or training grounds (ex. Varmint gets into a house and kills them.) Notify me immediately. I must report any issue to the WCO.

A single quail is only allowed subject to two flushes. The bird(s) get too tired, and the dog(s) wants to grab them. This rule is to prevent accidental killings. It is a PGC violation if you dog kills a game bird(s). Be in control of your dog(s).

When you are taking quail from the hut to set; you must divide the hut in half with quail on both sides. There is a dividing board under the roof of the hut. At least 10 quail must remain in the house to call the others back. If there is less, go to another hut. Do not forget to take the divider out once you have your quail. Please be gentle. The birds are fragile.

Only members approved by the conservation committee are permitted on the dog training grounds. A permit will be issued yearly at the cost of $50. This permit will also imply that you will help maintain the fields and care of quail. These permits can be obtained at a MSCI conservation meeting. You must also go through a rules/quail/Johnny house handling class. No guest(s) or a non-members dog(s) are prohibited on the dog training grounds. You cannot use MSCI for financial, commercial, or personal gain. Only members approved by the conservation committee are permitted to handle the quail. These violations will result in loss of privileges, board review, up to expulsion of membership.

Any un-sportsmen like conduct such as policy violation, conduct unbecoming of a member, violation of criminal or game laws will be subject to The MCSI Board notifying game and law enforcement authorities, loss of privileges, board review, up to expulsion of membership.

Alcohol or drug impairment will not be tolerated on MSCI ground. This violation may result in The MCSI Board notifying game and law enforcement authorities, loss of privileges, board review, up to expulsion of membership.

You must sign in at the club house prior to doing any training on the grounds. In addition, this goes for any activities on the grounds. Training only may take place during club operating hours. Membership and permit cards must be displayed always on the club grounds.

You must be always in complete control of your dog(s) on the grounds and fields. No dog(s) are permitted in the main clubhouse. You must be considerate to the other members utilizing the club. You must clean up after your dog(s) on the property. If multiple MSCI members are training their dog(s), good sportsmanship must dictate. Please respect each other’s space, and patiently wait. Members must stay on the cut paths to preserve the fields. You may enter the immediate area where you plant a quail and flush (Like the golf 90-degree rule.). The dog(s) may run freely about in the fields. The fields are planted as part of a conservation/wildlife project also. Deliberate destruction of theft of the crops will result in loss of privileges, board review, up to termination.

Quail are not permitted to be killed on MSCI property even during hunting season. This is an adopted board ruling. If you are training a dog(s) during hunting season, you must yield to our hunters. Ultimately, training should occur approximately January to April, July to September.

You are permitted to do water training with your dog at the MSCI lake. This is a privilege and not part of the training permit. Anyone fishing has 100% priority rights to the lake. You will have to leave and plan another day to train if members are fishing. If you ask permission with the fishing member(s) present and relocate yourself, it will be allowed. Any opposition you must plan on another day.

You are not permitted to release any non or wild game on MSCI property. This could disrupt the conservation, quail, and bird training projects.

Your dog(s) must have current vaccinations and valid dog license with your appropriate county. This applies on MSCI property in general.

Physical abuse to any animal will not be tolerated. Abusive actions may result in loss of privileges, board review, termination of membership and notifying game and law enforcement authorities.

Motorized vehicles are prohibited in the fields, unless being used for quail care and field work by the conservation committee.

You must suspend dog training if any maintenance is being perform on the fields or proximately.

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