President Matt Schultz
[email protected]
Membership Rob Wynkoop [email protected]
Secretary and Events Bill Walls
[email protected]
Treasurer and Insurance Bob Martin [email protected]
Bob Woods Jr [email protected]
Archery Jamie Walter
[email protected]
1st VP and Ranges and Education Jarod Myers
[email protected]
Skeet John Brickner [email protected]
Kurt Zebley [email protected]
House & Kitchen John Steidle [email protected]
Trap Jim Johnston [email protected]
Bar Lou Brickner [email protected]
Lake and Special Projects Ken Myers [email protected]
Grounds and Garage
Jack McKinney [email protected]
2nd VP and Environmental Coordinator Mike Stull
[email protected]
Caretaker Wayne Seiling [email protected]
Technology Brandon Evans
[email protected]