Rental Fees

Rental fees for club facilities for Members:

Any request to rent the main clubhouse, picnic pavilion, or skeet building must be made in writing, preferably at least one month prior to your event. Email requests will be accepted. Your request is not granted until approved by the Board of Directors. If approved, you agree to abide by all MSCI rules and bi-laws. You must be 21 years of age if alcohol will be served. You also agree to be responsible for any damage caused by those attending your event.

Rental fees only allow your group access to the facility rented. Guests may not access other areas of the club property. Guests outside of the rented facility must be accompanied by a MSCI member in good standing at all times. You may not charge for admission to your sponsored event unless you receive prior approval from the Board of Directors.

Alcoholic beverages must remain at the facility rented and cannot under any circumstances be brought to any other facility of the club; specifically the main clubhouse. Clubhouse rental with alcohol requested requires your payment of a MSCI bartender, at $15 per hour plus tips ($50 minimum charge), and all alcoholic beverages will be purchased at the clubhouse bar. Outside bartenders are not permitted. No alcohol is permitted with rental of the skeet building. Kitchen use in the main clubhouse and the skeet building is not permitted as it requires use by a certified individual and an additional permit from the Health Department.

Fees and deposits:

All deposits are due once you are informed that your rental request has been approved. Your rental fee is due on or before the date of the event. If cleaning is necessary after your event, the return of your deposit will be forfeited. If not, your deposit will be returned to you.

  • Clubhouse: $100 deposit. Fee is $350.
  • Picnic pavilion: $50 deposit. Fee is $100.
  • Skeet building: $100 deposit. Fee is $200.


Any activity sponsored by a MSCI member in good standing which will involve the use of any of the MSCI ranges by an outside organization requires proof of insurance coverage naming MSCI as an additional insured and proof of a hold harmless agreement from the insurance company or the organization. Failure to provide this documentation in advance of the event will result in cancellation of approval of the event.

For interest in rentals, send email to [email protected]